Lagotto 4.0 was released on May 5, 2015 with the following changes:

  • normalized responses from external sources to be stored in MySQL. CouchDB is no longer required for the core Lagotto functionality (#213)
  • show more CSL information in API and admin dashboard (#284)
  • started new v6 API (#287)
  • show related works (references and versions) in new v6 API and admin dashboard (#296)
  • added ads and ads_fulltext data sources. ads finds ArXiV preprints that became peer-reviewed papers, ads_fulltext allows fulltext search for all ArXiV preprints (#297)
  • import couchdb data into mysql for 4.0 upgrade (#301)


Starting with Lagotto 4.0 frontend assets are installed via NPM and Bower. This is done automatically when using Chef/Vagrant. When not using Chef/Vagarant please copy frontend/node_modules, frontend/bower_components, frontend/package.json, frontend/bower.json and frontend/.bowerrc into shared and run npm install (not npm -g install) from shared/frontend:

cd /var/www/lagotto/shared/frontend
mkdir node_modules
mkdir bower_components
npm install

CouchDB is no longer needed for core Lagotto functionality, but is still used to store responses from some of the sources (e.g. F1000).

Make sure to run the data migrations in addition to the database migrations. This happens automatically if using capistrano, otherwise run rake data:migrate.

After upgrading the code and running the database migrations, old monthly and daily data stored in CouchDB should be imported via:

bundle exec rake couchdb:import

Starting with the new v6 API, API versions (currently defaulting to version 6) and authentication via API key (needed for admin functionality) are provided via the HTTP header, e.g. in curl:

- H "Accept: application/json; version=6" -H "Authorization: Token token=API_KEY"


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