Lagotto 4.2 was released on July 13, 2015 with the following changes:

  • export CSV summary report to Zenodo data repository (#339)
  • process pmc import and parsing in the background (#363)
  • allow wildcard searches for works in the API and admin frontend (#368)
  • added missing author information to v6 API (#370)
  • make sure DOIs are stored in lowercase(#372)
  • optionally load all DataONE member nodes as publishers (#374)
  • added methods to fetch metadata for DataCite DOIs, and to look up the DOI registration agency (#376)
  • added registration agency column to works (#377)
  • store temporary files in tmp folder (#378)
  • fixed name inconsistencies for EuropePMC sources (#379)

The following new ENV variables must be set in the .env file to use the new Zenodo export functionality:

CREATOR=Public Library of Science
#ZENODO_URL= for testing

A ZENODO_KEY can be obtained by creating a Zenodo account and then a personal access token on the profile page.


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