Lagotto 4.3 was released on July 20, 2015 with the following changes:

  • created snapshop of Lagotto JSON API responses for works, that is then automatically deposited in Zenodo (#343)
  • fixed failing rspec acceptance tests (#380)
  • added registration_agency check to some sources (#381)
  • added foreign_key constraints (#382)
  • added DataONE identifier (#384)
  • added two sources for DataONE usage stats (#394)
  • enamed Github organization from articlemetrics to lagotto (#397)
  • fixed nginx installation issue where nodejs can't be found (#399)

JSON API snapshots

The snapshots of the Lagotto JSON API require the same ENV variables as the CSV export. Run bundle exec rake api:snapshot:all to create the snapshots and export them to Zenodo. More information is available in the setup documentation.

Foreign keys

This release adds foreign keys (supported in Rails core since Rails 4.2) to the database to enforce referential integrity.

Registration agency checks

Some sources now check for the work registration agency, allowing different functionality, e.g. for CrossRef or DataCite DOIs.

DataONE usage stats

This release adds two sources that collect usage stats from the DataONE repository network. The dataone_counter source collects COUNTER-compliant usage stats, whereas the dataone_usage source also includes machine usage from some useragents.


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