This source is providing usage stats from the Open Access publisher Copernicus Publications.

ALM Name copernicus
ALM Configuration default
ALM Core Attributes  
ALM Other Attributes  
Protocol REST
Format JSON
Rate-limiting not known
Authentication Basic Authentication
Restriction by IP Address no

Example Response

   "doi": "doi:10.5194/ms-2-175-2011",
   "journalId": "449",
   "articleId": "28",
   "title": "Robust design ...",
   "volumeNumber": "2",
   "firstPage": "175",
   "msNumber": "ms-2011-14",
   "msId": "10760",
   "counter": {
       "PdfDownloads": "5",
       "AbstractViews": "60",
       "BibtexDownloads": "0",
       "RisDownloads": "0",
       "XmlDownloads": "0"

Source Code

The source code is available here.

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