Please add questions that are not listed here to the Issue Tracker.

Where can I ask questions regarding Lagotto?

Please create an issue in the Issue Tracker or ask your question in the Lagotto discussion forum.

Where do I find videos and presentations about Lagotto?

Several videos, presentations and other information are available at the community website.

What organizations are using Lagotto?

Please contact us if you are using the Lagotto application and want your organization to be listed here.

What other services provide Article-Level Metrics?

Article-Level Metrics is a very dynamic area, as of September 2014 the following organizations also provide comprehensive ALM data:

Are there tools to interact with the Lagotto API?

The alm package for the R statistical language is provided by the rOpenSci project. Cameron Neylon has released pyalm, an experimental Python wrapper for the Lagotto API. Both tools are Open Source software.