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ALM Name nature
ALM Configuration staleness: [, 1.month, 1.month, 1.month]
requests_per_hour: 200
ALM Core Attributes id
date (as published_at)
ALM Other Attributes title
blog title
blog url
Protocol REST
Format JSON
Rate-limiting 2/sec
Authentication no
Restriction by IP Address no
License CC-BY-NC

Example Response

    post: {
      percent_complex_words: 12.9994,
      popularity: 0,
      created_at: "2009-02-05T17:12:41Z",
      title: "A new link in the chain of whale evolution",
      body: "Paleontologists have found a new fossil of a whale ancestor - and its announced just after I finish watching my preview DVD of Nat Geo's Morphed on whale evolution. I smell fate.Anyhow, the new whale predecessor was unveiled in a PLoS One article ...",
      updated_at: "2009-09-22T23:09:56Z",
      flesch: -21.5166,
      url: "",
      blog_id: 558,
      id: 29082,
      hashed_id: "a8b538120801f6735681c4ce346e3d27f4c1739f3bf349eec7f206d34cdba95b",
      blog: {
        percent_complex_words: 14.0934,
        popularity: 2,
        created_at: "2008-11-05T16:42:48Z",
        title: "Observations of a Nerd",
        niche_tag: "life_sciences",
        updated_at: "2012-07-28T01:13:27Z",
        flesch: -39.0166,
        feed_url: "",
        url: "",
        decided_on: "2008-11-06T19:34:40Z",
        rank: 426,
        num_posts_per_week: 1.754,
        id: 558,
        outgoing_bloglove: 2,
        num_words: 5852.28,
        ip: "bogus address",
        niche_rank: 141,
        header_title: "BLOGS",
        fog: 46.4802,
        description: "A blog about anything and everything that piques the interest of a biologist",
        status: "accepted"
      links_to_doi: [
      num_words: 6708,
      published_at: "2009-02-05T17:12:41Z",
      fog: 40.0465

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