Analysis of ALM data for scholarly research, while still relatively new, is a growing enterprise, critical to ensuring consistent, appropriate usage of the metrics. A community made of bibliometricians; librarians; and researchers is building on decades of citation analysis, broadening the traditional focus to better understand the activity captured across the various channels of research engagement available today online.


  • PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection: a PLOS ONE collection og papers to seed further study and use of altmetrics. It covers a range of subjects including statistical analysis of altmetrics data sources; metric validation, and identification of biases in measurements; validation of models of scientific discovery/recommendation based on altmetrics; qualitative research describing the scholarly use of online tools and environments; empirically-supported theory guiding altmetrics’ uses; and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments. The Collection is open for continued submissions across these areas.

  • NISO ISQ Special Issue on Altmetics


The following set of articles represent only a subset of the growing body of work on ALM:

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