December 4-6, 2014. Transparent House and PLOS SF office, San Francisco, CA


Designing the Future

Our communities are recognizing the value of ALM in their work. As this happens, it is critical to ensure secure and reliable provision of data to support the whole ecosystem. To support our collective goals, a shared infrastructure is required to enable the diverse needs of funders, publishers, researchers and their institutions, and technology providers.

The purpose of the workshop is to convene stakeholders across the research ecosystem to brainstorm the design of these systems. Over two days, we will create a map of the potential data flows between producers and consumers, shared infrastructure provision and value-add providers. In particular we will focus on the places where shared provision can support a range of downstream uses and help to create the transparency, governance and trust that will support widespread adoption. On the third day, we will prototype ALM tools that support the new design proposed.


The program will be comprised of a series of interactive sessions that will contribute to the final output: a proposed map of the future ALM infrastructure. It will primarily focus on functional and technical needs.

  • ALM-able attributes: qualities needed to optimize collection of ALM
  • ALM data delivery: requirements for establishing frictionless channels for data access
  • Infrastructure requirements: data scaling/performance needs
  • Map interfaces: interfaces between data provision & ALM services
  • Networked article: linkages for tracking articles & associated scholarly objects
  • Designing for trust: technical and functional elements needed for system credibility
  • Aligning community interests: consolidation of stakeholder needs into an inclusive projection

Thu Dec 49am -10amWelcome and intros
 10am - 11amMap introduction
 11am - 12.30pmALM-able attributes
 12.30pm - 1.30pmLunch
 1.30pm - 3pmALM data delivery
 3pm - 4.30pmDesigning for trust
 4.30 - 5pmSummary of day's discussions
 5.30pm - 7pmReception
Fri Dec 59am - 10amIntro
 10am - 11.30amInfrastructure requirements
 11.30am - 1pmMap interfaces
  Networked article
 1pm - 2pmLunch
 2pm - 3pmMap making
 3pm - 4.30pmAligning community interests
 4.30pm - 5pmClosing
Sat Dec 69am - 4pmHackathon


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Dec 4-5: Transparent House. Dec 6 hackathon: PLOS SF office. Please see map below for location directions.

As this will be a small event, we encourage you to find accommodations that best suit your interests and needs. Recommended hotels within walking distance are highlighted in red.